The Last Jedi's red carpet premiere is about to begin in Los Angeles!

12/9/2017 5:02 PM Pacific Time

While we wait for the livestream to begin, check out this adorable clip of Daisy Ridley surprising Florida Project star Brooklynn Prince at a recent Q&A:

12/9/2017 5:10 PM Pacific Time

The red carpet live stream is just starting. Catch it here: 


12/9/2017 5:10 PM Pacific Time

Which do you prefer?

12/9/2017 5:14 PM Pacific Time

A massive AT-M6 walker is on display at tonight's event:

12/9/2017 5:15 PM Pacific Time

First up, director Rian Johnson is talking about the excitement of finally releasing his film

12/9/2017 5:16 PM Pacific Time

Johnson is also working on a new Star Wars trilogy that won't include any Skywalkers 

12/9/2017 5:18 PM Pacific Time

Peter Mayhew is currently on the red carpet and is greeted with a "Peter! Peter! Peter!" chant from the crowd of fans

12/9/2017 5:19 PM Pacific Time

Anthony Daniels (AKA C-3PO) is now talking about teaching other actors to become droids

12/9/2017 5:20 PM Pacific Time

Christian Louboutin is talking about designing a shoe inspired by The Last Jedi... without actually getting to see the film. His creations are being auctioned off through Force for Change

12/9/2017 5:26 PM Pacific Time


Joonas Suotamo, who plays Chewbacca in the film, talks about the huggability of the character

12/9/2017 5:28 PM Pacific Time

12/9/2017 5:29 PM Pacific Time

Producer Ram Bergman is discussing the differences between producing Rian Johnson's first film Brick and now The Last Jedi. He says he and Rian would jokes that Last Jedi was the world's most expensive indie film

12/9/2017 5:38 PM Pacific Time

Andy Serkis confirms we will see Snoke "in the flesh" in this film

12/9/2017 5:39 PM Pacific Time

Kelly Marie Tran is getting emotional while taking in the moment of being at the Star Wars premiere — also, she's not a fan of turn down service at hotels 

12/9/2017 5:40 PM Pacific Time

12/9/2017 5:41 PM Pacific Time

Daisy Ridley is scared of the Chewbacca in the crowd and says Matilda is her favorite film. She also finds similarities between Rey and Matilda — what do you think?

12/9/2017 5:42 PM Pacific Time

Daisy also sang the Jurassic Park theme to co-star Laura Dern.

12/9/2017 5:43 PM Pacific Time

12/9/2017 5:45 PM Pacific Time

Mark Hamill says fans have incredible stories to share with him about what the films mean to them. He also says their energy and enthusiasm are infectious. 

12/9/2017 5:47 PM Pacific Time

12/9/2017 5:48 PM Pacific Time

"Is there anything you want to tell the fans about this movie?"

Mark: "It's the longest one"

However, he says it doesn't feel long and uses its time wisely

12/9/2017 5:50 PM Pacific Time

Frank Oz is talking about bringing Yoda to life 

12/9/2017 5:53 PM Pacific Time

Lupita Nyong'o says Maz has her hands full in The Last Jedi, but can't say much more than that.

12/9/2017 5:55 PM Pacific Time

Bob Iger says he's seen The Last Jedi 7 times already. Meanwhile, he says he screen The Force Awakens twice as many times during production.

12/9/2017 5:57 PM Pacific Time

Iger says he started reading the script for The Last Jedi the day after The Force Awakens premiere.

12/9/2017 5:58 PM Pacific Time

During an interview with Dave Filoni, fans in the back let their disappointment be known when the impending end of Star Wars Rebels was mentioned. 

12/9/2017 6:00 PM Pacific Time

12/9/2017 6:01 PM Pacific Time

We know Laura Dern plays Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo in the film... but she can't tell us anything about her. 

12/9/2017 6:04 PM Pacific Time

Warwick Davis is talking about co-hosting a panel at the Galactic Nights event at Disney's Hollywood Studios next week.

12/9/2017 6:06 PM Pacific Time

Like Dern, Star Wars newcomer Benicio Del Toro can't say much about his character DJ.

12/9/2017 6:07 PM Pacific Time

Gwendoline Christie says she's really into Captain Phasma merch and is geeking out about about the Phasma car

12/9/2017 6:13 PM Pacific Time

Asked about how Kylo Ren keeps his hair so nice even when taking off a helmet, Adam Driver jokes that there are combs in the helmet

12/9/2017 6:15 PM Pacific Time

12/9/2017 6:17 PM Pacific Time

Rayne Roberts of the Lucasfilm story group is discussing the process of developing The Last Jedi with Rian Johnson. She also mentions asking JJ Abrams to make a change in Force Awakens to keep continuity in this film.


12/9/2017 6:20 PM Pacific Time

Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy says she didn't want to spring the idea of another trilogy on Rian Johnson while shooting, but started discussing it with him shortly after

12/9/2017 6:22 PM Pacific Time

Lawrence Kasdan says, when scripting The Empire Strikes Back, he knew the franchise was a big deal and planned for the longevity of the characters

12/9/2017 6:24 PM Pacific Time

John Boyega almost missed the premiere as he was stuck in Atlanta due to a snow storm. He jokes "I almost didn't make it, but Poe Dameron is the best pilot in the galaxy!"

12/9/2017 6:26 PM Pacific Time

12/9/2017 6:29 PM Pacific Time

Well, that's it from the red carpet premiere, but us normal people can catch The Last Jedi in theatres Decemeber 15th

12/9/2017 6:31 PM Pacific Time

Also, stay tuned as the social media embargo for the film is lifted at 9:30 p.m. PST tonight.  We'll have a round up of the best reaction tweets around then.

12/9/2017 6:32 PM Pacific Time

12/9/2017 6:35 PM Pacific Time

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