Tom Rogers, former NBC executive, is on CNBC and has this advice to Bob Iger:

Add sports betting content (which Bob Iger has shut down)

Lower streaming service expectations

Manage cable decline

2/5/2019 2:28 PM Pacific Time

The big question on CNBC is whether Disney is too late to enter the streaming game.

2/5/2019 2:24 PM Pacific Time

Disney stock has given up some of their after hours gains as they warned the studio will have a tough 2nd quarter at the studios since they are only releasing two films while comparing to last year phenomenon Black Panther

2/5/2019 2:20 PM Pacific Time

And that'll do it. Headlines were slim but 2 million subs for ESPN+ is notable and the continuation (and expansion?) of R-rated Marvel films will definitely be of interest. Thanks for joining us!

2/5/2019 2:20 PM Pacific Time

Disney expects FX to create content for Hulu in addition to the FX TV network

2/5/2019 2:17 PM Pacific Time

Iger notes that a decrease in consumer confidence in China is partially to blame 

2/5/2019 2:15 PM Pacific Time

Disney has seen some softness at Shanghai Disney, but it is still profitible and they continue to grow it.

2/5/2019 2:14 PM Pacific Time

But they're good with licensing  (this topic came up when Disney canceled its Disney Infinity games)

2/5/2019 2:12 PM Pacific Time

Iger admits the company hasn't been great at self-publishing video games

2/5/2019 2:11 PM Pacific Time

Lots of Deadpool .gifs in reaction to Bob's R-rated Marvel reveal. Rumors recently suggested that a Black Widow film could also be rated R

2/5/2019 2:09 PM Pacific Time

Bob says crowding at the parks can be an issue, so they are continuing to try and spread demand through pricing.

2/5/2019 2:07 PM Pacific Time

He continues that parks should keep their ad budgets low for promoting Galaxy's Edge

2/5/2019 2:05 PM Pacific Time

Iger jokes he should just tweet "it's opening" to promote Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

2/5/2019 2:05 PM Pacific Time

CFO McCarthy originally said that both Galaxy's Edge lands will open this fiscal year that ends in October. She then corrected herself by saying Calendar Year (ends in December)

2/5/2019 2:05 PM Pacific Time

Bob Iger says Disney will continue to make R-rated Marvel movies and there may even be more of it.

2/5/2019 2:03 PM Pacific Time

That being said, ESPN does cover gambling and its impact

2/5/2019 2:03 PM Pacific Time

Bob Iger does not see Disney getting into the business of gambling or facilitating gambling.

2/5/2019 2:02 PM Pacific Time

Next question is about sports gambling and if it could be an oppurtunity for the company. 

2/5/2019 2:02 PM Pacific Time

Profitibility at Hulu may be impacted by trying to roll out the service internationally

2/5/2019 1:59 PM Pacific Time

Iger points to the Disney Parks previously licensing from Lucasfilm and Fox, noting his willingness to look outside of the company for IPs they can leverage

2/5/2019 1:58 PM Pacific Time

Another question asks about news that Disney is licensing an upcoming Disney+ show from CBS Studios 

2/5/2019 1:57 PM Pacific Time

Iger says he's not looking to adjust the theatrical window but might adjust other timing such as home releases

2/5/2019 1:55 PM Pacific Time

As mentioned, Disney will talk much more about Disney+ and preview content during an investors event on April 11

2/5/2019 1:54 PM Pacific Time

Question asks if Iger has interest in closing theatrical window to boost Disney+

2/5/2019 1:53 PM Pacific Time

Disney expects to forgo $150 million in operating income per year as they end their Netflix deal

2/5/2019 1:52 PM Pacific Time

ESPN+ saw times of up to 15,000 signsups per minute

2/5/2019 1:51 PM Pacific Time

Bob Iger says that ESPN+ has shown that the BAMTech platform is strong. This includes streaming and signups

2/5/2019 1:50 PM Pacific Time

First question rehashes lost licensing revenue Disney will incur with their DTC strategy

2/5/2019 1:50 PM Pacific Time

Disney expects Jessica Jones Season 3 to debut during their 3rd Quarter (June-August)

2/5/2019 1:49 PM Pacific Time

Looking ahead, the timing of the Easter holiday will move associated Parks revenue mostly to Q3 after falling partially in Q2 last year

2/5/2019 1:48 PM Pacific Time

Disney expects to continued investment in ESPN+ and development in Disney+ to continue to impact earnings of Disney's Direct-to-Consumer business

2/5/2019 1:48 PM Pacific Time

Revenues at Hong Kong Disneyland were higher, but were offset by decreases at Shanghai Disneyland and Disneyland Paris

2/5/2019 1:42 PM Pacific Time

No big news in Iger's opening statements, sadly    But there's always Q&A

2/5/2019 1:39 PM Pacific Time

Disney is ready to integrate 21st Century Fox once they receive regulator approval from the last few remaining territories

2/5/2019 1:37 PM Pacific Time

ESPN+ now has 2 million subscribers, double what they had 5 months ago.

2/5/2019 1:34 PM Pacific Time

The first UFC Fight Night led 600,000 fans to sign up for ESPN+

2/5/2019 1:34 PM Pacific Time

Bob Iger congratulates the Disney Studio for 17 Oscar nominations.

2/5/2019 1:33 PM Pacific Time

Here we go...

2/5/2019 1:32 PM Pacific Time

The operator says the call should begin in just a few moments


2/5/2019 1:31 PM Pacific Time

Conference call hold music is currently playing the Oscar-nominated "The Place Where Lost Things Go" from Mary Poppins Returns 

2/5/2019 1:24 PM Pacific Time

Disney up 1.51% in after hours trading

2/5/2019 1:20 PM Pacific Time

Disney is spending more money on their domestic parks spending 838 million in captial projects Oct-Dec 2018 compared to 646 million in the previous year quarter

2/5/2019 1:17 PM Pacific Time

Disney saw subscription and advertising revenue grow at Hulu which was partially offset by higher programming costs.

2/5/2019 1:16 PM Pacific Time

After a solid first quarter, with diluted EPS of $1.86, we look forward to the transformative year ahead, including the successful completion of our 21st Century Fox acquisition and the launch of our Disney+ streaming service,” said Robert A. Iger, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, The Walt Disney Company.  “Building a robust direct-to-consumer business is our top priority, and we continue to invest in exceptional content and innovative technology to drive our success in this space.”

2/5/2019 1:13 PM Pacific Time

Disney parks saw a 10% income growth compared to the prior year

2/5/2019 1:09 PM Pacific Time

Revenue was $15.3 billion compared to $15.14 billion expected

2/5/2019 1:08 PM Pacific Time

Disney revenues beats the street with earnings of $1.84 earnings per share vs expected earnings of $1.55

2/5/2019 1:07 PM Pacific Time

Disney stock ended the day up .72% to 112.61

2/5/2019 1:01 PM Pacific Time

Good afternoon and welcome to our live blog! Disney should be releasing their Q1 FY19 earnings shortly after the closing bell at 4 p.m. EST. That will be followed by an investor call at 4:30 p.m.  Stay tuned!

2/5/2019 12:30 PM Pacific Time

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